indoor / bright light / warm area

a huge, red, flower of weirdness from aunty fatima

care instructions

  • bright light, warm area
  • water weekly
  • turn to keep stem straight


23 dec '20


received a little stubby stem from aunty fatima about 10cm tall with a tiny bud at the tip

5 jan '21


dude has made a big bloom bloom and that's about it, idk - has just been watered once last week and the stem is a bit tilted. other than that all seems to be vibin' as you can see

we should probs do some reading into how to take care of this dude after bloom, seems like it may be a bit more complicated that i initially suspected

6 april '21

big leaves

the flowers are gone and it is now giant and floppy. we've been watering it from the bottom plus or minus once a week and it's been doing pretty good

there was a new leaf popping up every few weeks but it seems to have settled at six, then one dried off, so now five, but they all look very healthy and are about 65/70cm long each

it's been doing pretty well with relatively little light in our lounge. we've increased the amount of light it's been getting by moving it around recently so will monitor how that all handles moving forward