string of beads

indoor / low-light / low-water / succulent

lil string o' beads and string o' pearls in a lil pot from sue-ann and aunty fatima

yolo, these things are roguh

care instructions

  • keep in bright light
  • no direct sunlight
  • keep soil moist
  • avoid overwatering


28 nov '20


these are apparently simple to take care of, they don't look too intimidating either

auny fatima recommended to just feel the leaves and use that to decide how much to water them

12 dec '20

bottom watering

i tried to bottom water this dude as well as the money plant and they both decided that they should absolutely flood themselves so that's where it's at now

16 dec '20


I took a look at the lil dudez yesterday and they're actually all becoming mushy. I'm not sure if it's due to over watering or underwatering or a lack of sunlight or an excess of sunlight and rlly it's v bothersome

5 jan '21


while back i was gifted a little pot o' pearls. equally as disasterous as the beadz

at this moment the beadz are but popogating due to almost all of them having doodgemaakhethetdoen. and the pearls aren't doing much better

i'm pretty convinced by now that these are just very difficult to take care of. well, or i've simply not been vibin' with em

6 april '21


the small section of the beadz i've saved are still propogating and are showing loads of new growth and fantastic roots

seems like they're just gonna chill in the water because everyone i've spoken to has just mentioned how theirs have died in soild and i'm not sure i want to take that risk

still not as good as when they arrived but we've very much just concluded that woolworths does sketchy things to keep their plants alive because this has been a continuous issue