outdoors / full sun / water often

a bunch of herbs and veggies in two large wooden boxes

care instructions

  • outdoors
  • full sun
  • water daily


27 feb '21

moving day

after many weeks of waiting for the right time and resources to actually get things set up we managed to get the boxes together and planted:

  • the basil, parsley, and marigold from the bebiezz box
  • the mint zahrah sent me
  • lettuce from chaimberlain
  • some chillis, mint, thyme, and rosemary from the nusery down the road
  • chives from zahrah's parents
28 march '21


planted a few types of heirloom vine tomatoes from some planting chocolate that my father had. specifically:

  • moneymaker
  • oxheart
  • yellow pear
2 april '21


our chilli plants have made some chillis. i ate one with my breakfast this morning:

5 april '21


we made teaaa with the mint, it's pretty fantastic

6 april '21


all three tomatoes are showing about 2-4 leaves each now, so that's great, especially since it hasn't been a long time at all, we'll keep monitoring but since it's basically autumn now idk, apparently spring is the time we should be planting things so we'll find out