indoor / low-light / low-water / succulent

a small, orange, flower-covered succulent from mishkaah

care instructions

  • bright light area with some direct sun in winter
  • water with 75ml, do not let soil dry out
  • do not spill water on flowers or leaves


28 nov '20


these actually look a lot like the ones i got zahrah previously, so i should probably find out how she's been making her one stay alive. then again she's been keeping hers outside and all her plants just seem to wing it and be okay so really i don't know

these indoor plants stress me out. the recommendation from aunty fatima was to make sure the leaves are full and not too soft or too dry and basically to use that to figure out how much water to give them

5 jan '21


this dude is struggling, the leaves are a bit yellow and the flowers are very dead. zahrah's one has also been jikacled into our outside and is not too fantastic either, monitoring atm

6 april '21

i'm a survivor

so it's been a few months now, and these dudes are actually chillin' and have been doing pretty well in the outside