indoor / low-light / low-water

a squad of three low-light, low-water teen plants currently livin' large on the kitchen counter next to my parents' bonsai

  • a succulent
  • a chinese money plant
  • a golden pothos


20 nov '20


the three teens arrived, i'm not too sure about how to manage these but the recommendation by zahra was to keep them indoors and water them aboutonce a week so that's the plan for now

other than that, i'ma take a look at what plantify suggests:

27 nov '20

watering time

today was the second time watering the three dudes, and it seems that the chinese money plant is not getting enough light, which makes sense given that the kitchen is quite possibly the darkest part of the house. so in an effort to find more light i've moved everyone over to the lounge where there's all the windows

naturally, i had a teeny photo shoot

28 nov '20


so it's only been one day since i watered these and the money plant seems to just be having a hard time. it seems now it's got too much water and the stems are actually super soft and delicate, while still somehow showing some signs of overwatering

the past two days have also been pretty overcast so the water may just be hanging around a bit more than it normally might, so we'll have to see how things go

5 jan '21


actually not much to update. these are all doing relatively okay, and the succulent has been moved outside and the cactus has found a lovely spot on the window with some of the other plants

otherwise, the money plant (pancake) seems to have stabalized and though not as great as when we first received it is doing alright without any notable deaths or flourishes

6 april '21


so we've been taking care of these and they're all actually doing alright, some small notes

chinese money plant

money man seems to need a very sweet balance of light and it's a bit of a mission to get it to be alive but it has been showing new leaves lately so it seems like our bedroom is the light balance it needs

aside from that, zahrah randomly plucked a new leaf as it was coming up and decided to put it in water to propogate and that's doing rather amazingly as well

in terms of watering - we've been bottom watering it in a bowl or straight from the tray every two or three weeks and that's been good enough


the succulent actually seemed to have died off for a while, but since we've left it outside in semi-shade location and just being watered by rain it's been been making a comeback


the pothos seems to be enjoying a full-light setup recently, we had it hanging but the light being blocked by the wall and roof were causing the leaves on the one side to totally die off, we've been watering pretty randomly when it looks dry or when we water the other plants outside and it's doing well