outdoor / full sun / v thirsty

a lil teenage mint hangin' with the bebiezz


17 nov '20


a lil minty was delivered today

zahrah says "mint is excellent" and that it grows well in shade but needs lots of water because it's "dramatic"

the instructions, however, stated to place the lil minty in full sun and to keep the soil moist so at the moment that's how it's goin'

i've added lil minty next to the veg seedlings, which must be awks since it's a teen and the rest are bebiezz

other than that it's located in a half-sun/half-shade spot outside, and receives enough water to get it wet each day. it's been raining quite a lot recently so i haven't managed to really figure out how much water and light it needs as yet. i did observe some small scorch marks on the second day in the sun but i'm not too sure if those were there when it arrived

25 nov '20


was takin' a look at lil minty today, dude was drooping and wilting, weather has been weird lately and i didn't water em yesterday because of all the rain we've been havin'

gave em a good water and in about an hour or so lil dude was right as a rainbow

6 april '21

moving day

he has been moved to the boxes and we've added another mint, they're doing great but seem to be two different types. this requires further investigation