indoor / low-light / low-water

an intimidating orchid from aunty fatima (mishkaah's mother-in-law)

care instructions

  • keep in a bright light area, no direct sunlight
  • water with half a cup of water in summer, every second week in winter
  • fertilize plant every second week with orchid food


28 nov '20


so everyone always says how difficult orchids are to take care of. also a lot of them say to water with an ice cube or two a week, event the woolworths guide

but this one says half a cup of water. the soil is supposedly well draining so any access water should just kinda go through the plant. will catch up in a week i guess

02 dec '20


i have done naught a thing, but behold, a new flower is a bloomin'

5 jan '21


the orchid is now nearing the end of its bloom. 'twas a good few and i'm looking forward to what comes next. at the moment the leaves are well and green but the upper stem is starting to yellow. i've been watering about weekly (or a bit less often) with about 125ml at a time, it's been going 'ayt

6 april '21

lil' leaves

overall, nothing crazy, just a new lil' leaf is coming up, and he needs to be potted into something bigger as the current soil and pot are looking a bit sad