thando 'n pip

indoor / succulent

thando, the string of hearts and pip, the knight of napoli

there's a basic care guide on the atrium website:

care instructions

both of these lil dudes don't like too much water and it seems that it may be better to let them dry out a bit before watering


3 dec '20


zahrah told me to just not water them and so i shall simply not

5 jan '21


very very very little watering later, with a light bottom watering for each of these liluns yesterday. they're doing 'ayt and zahrah is around to babysit em so hopefully they'll be good. she seems to vibe with succulents

6 april '21


these two have been moevd to the kitchen window sill and they're getting some light indirect light


he's been doing well, smol tendrils and leaves so safe to assume this setup has been working


the string of hearts have been struggling, they were alright for a few weeks but have been deteriorating pretty rapidly recently. we're trying to rehab some via propogation and they're doing well, so we just need to play around and figure out what they need